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Created to Make an Impact.

Our Mission

To ensure that every university student has the opportunity to engage in meaningful, course-related work experience before their graduation.

Our Story

Impact Consulting was founded in early 2020, to address the challenges faced by students and socially impactful organisations during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. As unemployment rates skyrocketed, many students found it increasingly difficult to gain valuable work experience. Meanwhile, for many socially conscious organisations, the start of the pandemic put their organisations very survival at risk.

In the midst of this crisis, we recognized an opportunity to tackle both of these issues simultaneously. We began connecting students with social organisations to support them through unique projects. The demand for these projects quickly surged, prompting universities to engage with us to integrate these projects into a variety of degree programmes.

It quickly became clear that partnering directly with universities would allow us to reach more students and therefore elevate more careers. And since then we have worked with over 25 leading universities across a wide variety of disciplines, from business to film and fashion to media we have sourced, design and delivered 1000s of work-based learning experiences.

Meet Our Team

Jack Casey


Working with higher education leaders to transform students’ university experience

Jamie Abbott

COO & 

Passionate about optimising operations and a self-identified process nerd

Anushka Luthra

Business Development Associate

Dedicated to sourcing & defining exceptional work-based learning experiences 

Tharunikka Manikandan

Business Development  

The go-to in-house Business Analytics project expert

Odelia Kamhi

Business Development 

Truly passionate about all things socially impactful

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