Company Projects

Online and in-person company projects, where students work with an organisation on a project that is related to their degree.

Scaling Up Work-Based Learning through Company Projects

Our Solution

Whether you’re looking to engage students in credit-bearing company projects as part of their degree, or to help them gain additional work experience, we provide projects tailored specifically to your needs.

Multi-Purpose Company Projects

We work closely with you to provide Company Projects that help you reach your university’s targets. Our University partners have utilised our company projects in a variety of different ways, such as:

We start by understanding your specific needs and then design and deliver company projects that are tailored specifically to what you are looking for. 

High-Quality, Tailor made Projects

Improving Student Employability

Saving Universities Time & Resources

Case Studies

Explore below some examples of how we are supporting our university partners: 

University of

MSc Courses
Gloucestershire University provides MBA & MSc programmes where every 3 months, their students can join Company Projects provided by Impact Consulting.

These projects cover key business issues across strategy, marketing, operations, technology and finance, which culminate in students delivering an end of project presentation, where they outline their key findings and recommendations to their company.

Queen's University

BSc International Business
In the final year of the BSc International Business programme, Queen's Belfast students undertake a 4 month company project as part of their degree.

Impact Consulting provided 6 companies for students to work with in teams of 5 on topics focused on helping businesses to expand internationally. 

University of

MSc Management
Impact Consulting worked closely with the University of Exeter to provide consulting projects for MSc Management students to undertake with multi-nationals and SMEs as part of their degree programme.

Students worked in teams of 5 for 3 months with organisations located across the UK.



The complete structure of the project is fully customizable around your specific requirements. When we first work with you, we look to understand your key requirements in depth to ensure that we provide projects that meet your needs.

Absolutely, many of the courses we work with have embedded our projects into their curriculum as a project-based module. Students will therefore receive academic credit for completing their project.

From undergraduate, to postgraduate to executive education we have worked with students across all levels. This is only possible as every project we build is designed to match the current academic level of the students. 

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